Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Birth of The RedClay Beagle

The Birth of The RedClay Beagle
For as long as I've been breeding & hunting beagles, I've always heard the Warfield Red Beagle referred to as an all red/chocolate beagle with very particular traits (red/brown nose hazel/green/tan eyes etc) I just always assumed that the Warfield Red Beagle was a rare color variation/bloodline/sub-breed. When the chance came to own some, I jumped on it and have been overjoyed ever since with the stock's success. However, as I advanced my research, and acquired new contacts in the beagle world, both rabbit and deer beagle owners/breeders, I was informed about the original origins of the Warfield Red Beagle.

As far as the history of the Warfield Red, it refers to a tri-color male beagle Field Champion from the 1940's and 50's who carried the brown-blanket back gene and who was a popular stud dog of the time, boasting the picture below with a stud fee of $25.oo!!
So to satisfy the purist, and to seperate myself, and this great bloodline of dogs, I've decided to name the stock of brown beagle's we've been breeding RedClay Beagles instead of Warfield Red's. Every bloodline/sub-breed had to start sometime, and I guess this is their time. I'll no longer be claiming Warfield Red stock, but instead RedClay stock.

A RedClay Beagle is as follows: the beagle should carry the solid brown (various shades accepted) over it's entire top-body, with buckskin coloring allowed on trim-coat around anus, eyes, mouth, neck, feet. White is allowed ONLY on the underbelly, feet, tip of tail, and blaze on chest. There is NO mottling of the colors, the nose should be pinkish/brown/tan and the eyes either hazel, green, or light brown/tan. This breed should carry it's tail straight up, without actually curling over the back, and the body types should represent the beagle lineage, 13-18" tall at the shoulder.

Whereas a red/chocolate beagle is simply a color variation from a recessive gene and so takes both parents carrying the recessive gene to result in red/chocolate offspring, the RedClay Beagle is a dominant gene/color variation and so should be carried and passed on by both parents. Chocolate beagles can come from all colors of stock, including blue-ticked, red-ticked, tri-color, black and tan, or lemon & white. These beagles typically carry some mottling throughout their coats, and often resemble a Red & White rather than the description listed above.

Please pass on this distinction, and maybe it will catch on....

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